New York Times Bestseller

Rain For Roots: big stories for little ones

by Sally Lloyd-Jones and Rain for Roots, illustrated by

Sally’s poems have been put to music!

Big Stories for Little Ones is a collection of 10 of Sally’s poems from Hug-A-Bible set to music.

Rain for Roots is a collaboration between Nashville singer/songwriters Ellie Holcomb, Flo Paris, Katy Bowser, and Sandra McCracken.

This is a great example of how to make a high-quality album for children.” –Robert J. Keeley, The Banner

I am so excited to listen to Rain for Roots with my grandchildren! The quality of art I set before them really matters to me, and this is music of the highest quality–lyrics that beautifully tell the stories of the truest truths of the universe, and wonderfully strong, memorable, gorgeously sung and produced melodies.” –Andi Ashworth, Editor-in-Chief, Art House America blog

Like the Jesus Storybook Bible, this record keeps the spotlight on God through each narrative. Sweetly sung and played, this exploration of who God is a priceless beginning to a lifelong question.” –Sara Groves