Monthly Archives: April 2014

How To Be A New Yorker

As a New Yorker (trained in unwritten rules and codes of conduct without even realizing it), I do not need NYC BASIC TIPS AND ETIQUETTE. But I wonder. Might you? If you are visiting New York it will come in very handy. And save you from embarrassment. (Indeed, if you master these etiquette tips, you… Read more »

Picture Books and Accounting

One December, I found myself looking back over the year wondering, unhelpfully, in a businessy tax-ish counting sort of way: “Now let’s see, what exactly did I do this year?” (I should have known by that “exactly” where this would go). So I began counting up the number of picture book manuscripts I’d done that… Read more »

Doreen’s First Outing

I had my precious one and only author copy, which I mistakenly showed to my little three-year old friend AE… She immediately had to have it read to her 15 times. And then took it to bed. And has gone to sleep with it ever since. She calls it her fishy book. And says it’s… Read more »

Spaghetti Harvest April Fool

First broadcast on BBC Panorama on 1st April 1957, a very young Richard Dimbleby revealed the wonderful world of Swiss spaghetti production to millions of deprived and hungry post-war Brits. (To be fair, back then Spaghetti was not eaten much and was rather exotic.) Most of Britain were taken in. Even my dad (who is… Read more »