Monthly Archives: March 2020

Resources While You’re Home

While most of us are staying home, I thought I’d offer some resources to keep you busy, entertained, and full of hope. First, I’m excited to offer Stay At Home Story Time with Sally over on Instagram! We’ll read books together, do some activities, I’ll answer your questions, and other fun things are planned. Follow… Read more »

Helping Children With Scary News

The past two weeks have brought some scary stories to our news cycle. With fears of coronavirus and a terrible tornado stunning Nashville, your children may be feeling worried and nervous. How can we talk to children about scary news? I think this one tip can be very helpful: Let children lead your discussion. Assess… Read more »

Top Book Picks for Inspiring Courage

In a sometimes scary world, picture books can help inspire courage. Here are some of my favourites for all kinds of fears: whether you’re afraid of the dark or afraid of making mistakes, whether you need to face a big, scary thing or you’re trying to be brave enough for a fun challenge, these books… Read more »