New York Times Bestseller

How to get a job, by Me, the Boss

A hilarious “guide” to getting a job

by Sally Lloyd-Jones, illustrated by Sue Heap

Our know-it-all narrator from the New York Times bestselling ‘How To Be A Baby’ is back with the third book in the series: How to Get A Job.

This time she knows all about how to get a job, and she walks readers through the whole process: from deciding what you want to be all the way to acing the interview (tip: don’t bring your gerbils.)

How To Get A Job: By Me, The Boss is sure to be a hit with kids who love to play pretend and dream about what they’re going to be when they grow up.

The charmingly askew perspective includes some genuine advice–and remains as funny as ever.” – Publisher’s Weekly

PRAISE FOR ‘HOW TO BE A BABY’ – “This book is adorable, original, and fabulous.” The New York Times

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“Fans of the previous titles will not be disappointed.” School Library Journal

How To Get A Job: By Me, The Boss: Provides kids with the ultimate job-search beginner’s guide, offering such insights as tips on not bringing a pet to a job interview – and is written by The Boss herself. Tips range from identifying something you love to cultivating talent then marketing it – and provide hilarious examples of some unusual kid talents and their applications.” Midwest Book Review


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