The JSB Baby Collection

A collection of books to remind children that they’re safe, loved, and never alone, all in a padded board book format for tiniest hands.
Found Psalm 23

Found: PSALM 23

The paraphrase of The Lord is My Shepherd from The Jesus Storybook Bible


Loved cover

Loved: The Lord’s Prayer

The paraphrase of The Lord’s Prayer from the JSB



Near: Psalm 139 (Part 1)

A paraphrase of Psalm 139


Known Cover

Known: Psalm 139 (Part 2)

Reminds little ones that God sees them, He knows them, and He loves them


Happy Cover

Happy: Psalm 92

A book for the tiniest ones all about being grateful, based on Psalm 92


Strong Cover

Strong: Psalm 1

A book reminding the tiniest ones that God loves them and makes them strong, based on Psalm 1


Found Loved

Found and Loved: A Picture Book Set

A special edition box set of Found and Loved, complete with a special edition art print