Doreen’s First Outing

I had my precious one and only author copy, which I mistakenly showed to my little three-year old friend AE…

She immediately had to have it read to her 15 times.


And then took it to bed.


And has gone to sleep with it ever since.

She calls it her fishy book. And says it’s her favorite book in the wide world. She has even taken to calling herself “AE Randolph-Potts.”

So please remember: do NOT give your one and only author copy to any tiny three year olds. They don’t give it back.

And it’s the best gift you could ever ask for.


(PS: what does your name sound like with your last name “Randolph-Potts”? Why not try it. It might make your day.)

POOR DOREEN: A FISHY TALE illustrated by Alexandra Boiger, (Schwartz & Wade/Random House) available here.

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  1. Doug Sangster

    Hi Sally. I look forward to being with you in Texas at Laity Lodge, June 26-29. By chance, are you any relation to the British pastor, Martyn Lloyd-Jones? Cheers, Doug


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