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Coloring Poor Doreen

Have you ever seen a fish carrying an umbrella? How about a fish wearing a headscarf? Poor Doreen wasn’t even supposed to be in my book. She just arrived without me inviting her. And took over. (I got the idea for the book when I was out running.) The book I wanted to write was… Read more »

Running and Writing and Cups of Tea

A few years ago, I was on Fripp, a barrier island in South Carolina. (I was there with great friends on a writing retreat.) I got up early one morning and went running — and happened upon a magical scene… As the mist hung over the marsh, the sun was just rising, a fisherman in… Read more »

Picture books and Pantomime

Pantomime is a participatory form of theater. (Apologies if you are British and I might just as well be explaining to you what tea is.) Pantomime requires your participation for it to work. The audience is expected to sing along with certain parts of the music and shout out phrases to the performers. (Help! Are… Read more »

Doreen’s First Outing

I had my precious one and only author copy, which I mistakenly showed to my little three-year old friend AE… She immediately had to have it read to her 15 times. And then took it to bed. And has gone to sleep with it ever since. She calls it her fishy book. And says it’s… Read more »

Follow the Fish!

We writers are always being asked where we get our ideas. I got this one when I wasn’t looking—when I was trying to write something else altogether. And became my latest picture book, POOR DOREEN: A FISHY TALE. The story I’d wanted to write was going to be elegant and atmospheric and quiet about a… Read more »