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Books for Welcoming Spring

Spring is in the air! New life is everywhere. The trees are coming into leaf. The time of singing is here. To celebrate the hope and joy of spring, enjoy some Sunshine & Stories. Here are my picks. The Little Island by Margaret Wise Brown, illustrated by Leonard Weisgard Winner of the 1947 Caldecott Medal,… Read more »

Lent Guide – 2024

The Jesus Storybook Bible Lent Guide is here! From the 2024 Lent Guide: “’Lent’ is the time we remember God’s Secret Rescue Plan. And we make room for time with our Heavenly Father, too. As we read the stories of God’s Great Rescue we remember important things. We remember why we needed Jesus to come…. Read more »

Dream a New Dream for a New Year

What if, instead of focusing on giving something up—what if we focused on dreaming a new dream for the new year? What if you could do just one thing this year to reduce stress, build empathy, spark creativity, unlock imagination, boost brainpower, bolster self-esteem, and deepen family connections? You can. It’s the greatest gift we… Read more »

Ten Tips for Reading Aloud

Do you know one of the very best things you can do for children? Read to them. It’s one of the greatest gifts you can give children. The sound of your voice, the experience of sitting in your lap, the excitement of turning the page together—reading a book together is one of the most magical,… Read more »

How to Have a British Christmas

Are you looking to try something new this Christmas? We Brits (me, Charles Dickens, Charles III, you know) pride ourselves on how we do Christmas. So here are three fabulous British Christmas traditions to try. Mince Pies  Their full name is “mincemeat pies” because yes they were made with shredded beef suet or venison or… Read more »

Advent Activities

As Advent approaches, we have a new book to share with you. It’s called The Jesus Storybook Bible Advent Activity Book. And we hope it will become a beautiful new Christmas tradition for you and your family—as you journey through the Bible stories in both the Old and New Testaments that lead right up to… Read more »

A Proper British Tea

Being a Brit I thought—out of the goodness of my heart—I ought to share some tips on how to make a proper cup of tea. Not only does a (proper) cup of tea do you good, but the making of a cup of tea does you good, too. Because it is a beautiful ceremony. Boiling… Read more »

Books Fit for Royalty

In honour of King Charles’ upcoming coronation, here are my book picks fit for royalty. Why not read them at your own coronation party? (Free Coronation Party Pack here!) The Queen’s Hat by Steve Antony I have to start with a book honouring our beloved Queen. When the wind went swish, it took the Queen’s… Read more »

10 Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing

Several years ago, we discovered my 8 year-old niece was being bullied at school. It was heartbreaking to see how withdrawn and cowed she became. And I wished she had a book she could read before school to remind her of all the magnificent things God says about her—instead of what the bullies were saying. So… Read more »

Tiny Cedric’s Twelve Tiny Tips for New Year

Look at poor Tiny Cedric, smothered by a big falling pile of books. Is that how you feel at the start of this year? Are your resolutions tumbling down all around you? What if we headed into this new year not with a list of resolutions of all these big things we want to accomplish… Read more »