Summer Boredom Busters – 2023

Here’s a list of summer adventures to go on together — many for free and without leaving home.

New this year: Spend summer like a Brit!

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Get Outside





Spend Summer Like a Brit


Travel Without Leaving Home



Be Bored

  • A note for parents and caretakers: be kind to yourself and take the pressure off. It’s ok to let kids get bored sometimes. It’s actually good for them. Dr. Erin Westgate explains: “Boredom is ‘normal, natural and healthy…’ In moderate doses, boredom can offer a valuable learning opportunity, spurring creativity and problem solving and motivating children to seek out activities that feel meaningful to them.”

Happy Summer Adventuring!

-Team SLJ

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  1. Mary Fuselier

    I’m happy to learn that you have a website & blog. I have a copy of the Jesus Storybook Bible & have given many as gifts, to children & adults for its clear telling of our God’s beautiful plan! Thank you


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