New York Times Bestseller

Handbag Friends

An exciting adventure - in a handbag!

by Sally Lloyd-Jones, illustrated by Sue Heap

Disguised as a glittery, pink handbag, here’s a 64-page storybook adventure in three episodes starring The Handbag Friends.

Meet six little Handbag Friends–Harry, Hop-Spot, Binky, Balloon-Bird, Semolina, and Loud Millie–as they go on an adventure, rescue lots of baby handbags from the horrible Clasp (move over Cruella De Vil) and find a new home inside a princess’ pink handbag. And sing The Handbag Song (you won’t be able to stop!).


WINNER! 5 Golden Handbags! Handbag

My daughter fell in love with it at first sight… a highly imaginative story with irresistible characters…deserves to be a big hit.” – The Guardian, London

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“hilariously surreal adventure of a collection of toys, sneaking in some satire on designer culture. You’ll end up singing the (very silly) Handbag Song yourself.” The Times, London

“Purse-loving gals will be unable to resist Handbag Friends” Publishers Weekly

“Buy this book INSTANTLY! It guarantees you a sweet, hilarious, musical time with your child … bordering on picture book genius… a kiddie masterpiece.” Stoo Hample, Author of THE SILLY BOOK


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