The Jesus Storybook Bible — Now Available in 42 Languages

So many of you have inquired about The Jesus Storybook Bible in other languages so you can share God’s great rescue story. Your stories are inspiring: missionaries using the book to teach the Gospel to children in the countries where they’re serving; volunteers using the book to connect with migrant families in the states; foster families giving the book to children whose first language differs from their own….

We hope this list of foreign language editions helps you connect with those you’re trying to reach as you seek to share the Gospel with the whole world.

The Jesus Storybook Bible has been translated into 50 languages, and today 42 foreign language editions are available.

The name of the publisher for each language is listed below, and we hope you’ll be able to find the foreign language edition you need by searching through the publisher.

Please check back regularly, as we’ll add links to purchase and new languages as they become available.


Arabic: Eagles Overseas Group

Arabic/Ministry Edition: Eagles Overseas Group

Basque: Silvia Bastos/Publicacciones Andamio

Bulgarian: Graal/Dynamic Consulting

Burmese: Lion Hudson/James Randall

Catalan: Silvia Bastos/Publicaciones Andamio

Chinese/Com: Lion Hudson/Rock House Publishers

Chinese/Sim: Artemis Agency/Shanghai Joint Publishing

Creole: Lion Hudson/Paulos Group

Czech: Graal Literary/Nakladatelstvi Navrat Domu S.R.O.

Danish: Lion Hudson/Prorex

English: Zonderkidz

English/Africa: Christian Art Publishers

English/Egypt: Eagles Overseas Group

Farsi: The Jude Project. Coming Soon!

German: Lion Hudson/Gerth Medien

Gujarati: Christian Reformed Fellowship Of India

Hebrew: Maoz Israel Inc

Hindi: Christian Reformed Fellowship Of India

Hungarian: Lion Hudson/Editura Koinonia

Icelandic: Loftstofan Baptistakirkja

Italian: Edizioni Coram Deo

Japanese: Word of Life Press Ministries: Coming Soon!

Khmer: Lion Hudson/Emerald Bible Fellowship

Khmer ebook: Action Cambodia: Coming soon! 

Korean: Lion Hudson/Duranno Press

Latvian: Graal Literary/Foundation Baltic Reformed Theologi

Lithuanian: Lion Hudson/Public Institution Publishing

Polish: Graal Literary/Aetos Media

Portuguese: Lion Hudson/Cpad (Casa Publicadora Das Asembleias)

Romanian: Graal/Editura Stephanus Srl

Russian: Nova Littera/In Lumine Media

Serbian: Graal Literary/Izdavacka Kuca Soteria D.O.O.

Slovak: Graal Literary/Slovenska Biblicka Spolocnost

Spanish: Editorial Vida

Spanish/English Bilingual Edition: Editorial Vida

Swedish: Lion Hudson/Semnos Forlag

Tamil: Suvartha Bhavan

Thai: Lion Hudson/Ibs Publishing Company

Turkish: Akcali Agency/Kucak Yayincilik Ltd.

Ukrainian: Nova Littera/In Lumine Media

Welsh: Lion Hudson/Cyngor Ysgolion Sul


The Jesus Storybook Bible Animated DVDs are available in English/Africa through Christian Art Media.

The Jesus Storybook Bible Animated DVDs are available in Welsh through Cyngor Ysgolion Sul.

The Jesus Storybook Bible Curriculum Kit Handouts are available in Czech through Graal Literary/Navrat Domu.

If you’re interested in licensing a foreign language edition of The Jesus Storybook Bible that is not listed here, please contact us.


Retired Translations

The following languages are no longer in print but were once available. You may be able to find used copies online.  If you are interested in licensing these foreign language editions, please contact us




English/South Korea






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