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Long live the Queen!

On September 9th (this very day!) Queen Elizabeth II will become Britain’s longest reigning monarch, bumping her great-great-grandmother Victoria from that top spot. (Victoria ruled for 64 years until her death in 1901.) The Queen’s has had 12 prime minsters. So far. Her first prime minister was Sir Winston Churchill. She is the most popular… Read more »

the art of simplicity

It’s hard to believe… but Miffy, that adorable white baby bunny, turns 60 this year! In 1955, on a rainy seaside holiday in North Holland, Dick Bruna sketched a little bunny for his young son. The bunny kept hopping about. Each evening he would make stories up about the bunny and… Miffy was born. I… Read more »

Primary History: WWII Lessons for Children (Wartime Posters)

I’m not sure how long it’s been around, but this website by the BBC is an absolute treasure. The goal of the website is to give children a way to explore and learn about WWII online. While all of the resources are fascinating, I wanted to specifically highlight some of the posters that were used… Read more »

Happy Coronation Day!

Today, in 1953, in Westminster Abbey, the young princess Elizabeth became Queen – she was 25. After being handed the four symbols of authority – the orb, the sceptre, the rod of mercy and the royal ring of sapphire and rubies – the Archbishop of Canterbury, placed St Edward’s Crown on her head. 3 million… Read more »

Instagram of the Week: 30 British Problems

These problems aren’t original to me (they’re included in a new book, The Very British Problems) but I can certainly vouch for their accuracy. Although, living in the USA has started to rub off on me and I find I don’t have all of them anymore… 30 British Problems source: 1. Not quite catching someone’s… Read more »