Story in the Round with Amy Grant & Ashley Cleveland

New York! The Story in the Round show is coming to town on February 12. Join me, Amy Grant, and Ashley Cleveland for an evening of stories and songs.

Wait. What am I doing? Singing? Dancing? Worse?

For those, like me, who weren’t familiar with the “in the round” concept–basically it means we each take turns–responding in the moment to the song or reading that comes before. I read something (an entry from Thoughts To Make Your Heart Sing as well as a reading of my new book The House That’s Your Home). Then Amy, in response to that reading, sings a song. Ashley in response to Amy’s song, sings another song. Then I respond with a reading. And round we go. And the most exciting thing? None of us know what the other is going to do next. It’s not planned. So we are in the moment responding. Like jazz. Which makes it exciting and no two concerts the same.

We did this show for the first time about a year ago, in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. And we had so much fun, we decided to do it again first chance we got. (Oh and set your minds at ease. Don’t worry. I won’t be singing. Or dancing. So that’s alright then.)

When I asked Amy and Ashley to come and help me celebrate the launch of my new picture book The House That’s Your Home, they leapt at the chance! So from Texas Hill Country to the heart of the Big Apple… (Park Avenue no less.)

Central Pres, Park Avenue

Central Pres, Park Avenue

(CAUTION: If last time is anything to go by this is going to be so much fun it really shouldn’t be allowed.)

I really hope you can come. Will you? It would be lovely to see you. Spread the word! Sign up quick–tickets are going fast!

For more information visit:

NOTE: suitable for all the family–children over the age 8 and up.


Some photos from last time…


I stole Amy’s name tag so I could be a rock star

StoryINRoundLaity2 StoryInRoundLaity StoryInRound4

(THANK YOU to our friend Brannon McAllister for the great poster!)

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