Snow Globe Card

Here’s an easy and adorable Christmas craft. Make a Snow Globe Card for your teachers, family, friends, or neighbors.


  • Download the free Snow Globe Card Template, and print on heavy card stock in landscape orientation. Fold the card in half so the snow globe is on the front.
  • Cut out the inside circle of the snow globe, being careful to leave the black outline. To make the first cut, slightly crease the paper in the middle of the snow globe, make a small cut, and then cut around the circle (see how).
  • Tape a 4×6 photo on the inside flap of the card so you can see it through the snow globe. Attach die-cut snowflake stickers to the photo.
  • Decorate your card with foam stickers, color the base, add any decorations you’d like, and write a special Christmas message on the inside.

If you make a card, I’d love to see it! Tag me on Instagram.

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