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I’ve got a new and exciting event hosted by CBN News on the horizon — a Twitter chat! What’s that? Glad you asked, because I didn’t quite know either. But it sounds fun! It’s a chance for us to chat (probably you guessed that) via Twitter (probably you guessed that too) using a special hashtag just for the event (#SLJchat). You can ask me questions — about writing, about performing at Carnegie Hall and The Ryman, about living the fabulous NYC life, about travel, and of course about my books and inspiration and about sharing God’s LOVE with the children in your life — and I will answer them in real time. LIVE, as they say! (But you can’t ask me any math questions. Don’t even try it.)

I’m particularly excited to talk about my new book, The Story of God’s Love for You, and the ways it is being used. I just received an email from John Cassetto, Worship Pastor at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, CA, which was a HUGE encouragement to me,

Hope your Christmas is full of great peace and joy celebrating our Rescuer.
For Christmas this year, I am giving the 100 people on our staff a copy of The Story of God’s Love for You. Thank you for stewarding your gifts so well.

Hoping to see much more of the likes of that in the chat! Except in 140 characters or less, of course. 🙂

I recently took a jaunt down to Washington D.C. for an interview with CBN’s Efrem Graham, airing soon on CBN News. Here’s a little sneak peek, where he asks me about the inspiration for some of my books…

ALSO, did I mention that I just appeared in Carnegie Hall? Oh, yes I did. Wait? What? How? I know. It’s not really believable. I can’t believe it still. But it was an amazing joy-filled night where I got to read in that spectacular space and I’m still floating…

Oh, and one last thing– time to announce the winner of the autographed book giveaway!

The lucky entry is #1039 — Shannon G! She commented,

LOVE Jesus Story Book bible! We recommend it to all of our friends and family and have given away some as gifts through out the years! My favorite is Song of the Stars, it’s on our wishlist this year for the kiddos. It actually made me cry!

Shannon, we’ll be in touch via email for your mailing address so we can ship out the books!

The rest of you… I can’t wait to chat via Twitter on Thursday. Be sure to follow @sallylloydjones and @CBNNews and use #SLJchat to join the conversation!


PS. Due to a little geographic location snafu, we had to re-choose the winner. Here she is, Dawn S, who commented,

Reading through JSB for Advent is my favorite Christmas tradition personally and as a mom! The stories overwhelm me with God’s love for us all.

Congrats, Dawn! We’ll be in touch for your address!

2 Responses to “SLJ Twitter chat with CBN News”

  1. Guille

    Those are very exciting news! We are truly blessed by your ministry and heart to share the gospel to our children and us!

    We hope to be at the chat!

    Grace and peace,


  2. Rita Foster

    I work with inmates in the county jail. I am an outreach advocate for the area shelter for victims of DV. The inmates love your books. It is such an easy and beautiful way for them to understand God’s love for them. If you could make paperbacks of your books, the jails could allow them in. There is so much hunger and thirst for God’s love among that population. I hope you consider the paperback books for jail ministry. Rita Foster


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