Instagram of the Week: The Thing About Zebras…

The thing about zebras is that they’re very fun to ride. Especially if you’re little, and British, and a girl, and living in Uganda, like me.

People don’t expect me to say I was born in Africa of course. Not with this thick British accent of mine.

One of my most favorite things to do when I go and read to children is ask them if they can guess where I’m from. All their arms go up and they shout out answers. Eventually someone will say England. Sometimes they even say Louisiana which made me very happy. Hardly anyone guesses I grew up in Africa.

Yes but I did.

I was a little, pale, blond English girl in darkest Africa. And from the very beginning–my life was a safari. Life was an adventure! Anything was possible! You can see it on my face, right there in the picture.

I love this photo (taken by my dad to send back to the relatives in England) because it reminds me of what I always hope to be about. It captures what I think is the best approach to life–to see life as one Great Adventure.

And if riding a zebra isn’t a great way to start an adventure, then I don’t know what is.


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