Free potty training tips & tools

Potty training can be tough, but we’ve got free printable potty training tools for you (a potty chart, a song sheet, a coloring page…) (see below)

But first–the reviews are in on SKIP TO THE LOO! Here is what some of our reviewers are saying… (well the first one isn’t saying much she’s laughing too hard)

"Only you could somehow manage to make poo charming and delightful! Potty training has not been going well but your book is an absolute hit. (Was kind of hoping your book had magical powers concealed inside. Poof! You're potty trained!) Thank you for another treasure of a book."

A note from reader Mercy, mom to the little reviewer above:

Only you could somehow manage to make poo charming and delightful! Potty training has not been going well but your book is an absolute hit… Thank you for another treasure of a book.”

Another reviewer mom on Facebook (Alison Joy Brooks):

Skip to the Loo, My Darling was a game changer for my three year old son! Thank you for a perfect potty book that we genuinely enjoy reciting (now by memory)”

So potty training doesn’t have to be a chore. Could it even be a party? I think so!

I spoke to The Guardian about my take on potty training:

Sally Lloyd-Jones top potty training books

“If someone asked you to stand up in front of 3000 people and give a speech how would you feel? Would you just smile and do it? Of course not! You’d make a run for it. Have a tantrum. Break out in hives. All of the above. This, I believe, approaches how a toddler feels when we ask them to go for the first time on the potty. It’s that same performance anxiety. That same terror…”

(Read more here and check out our top ten list of great potty books!)

But there are ways to help. And the main one? Get them laughing! Get them singing! Get them reading a story! Make it so much fun that they don’t even notice they are learning.

even the dollies are potty training now!

even the dollies are potty training now!

Speaking of fun… NOW ON TO THE FREEBIES!

Download and print these beautiful (free) printable potty things to help with potty training…

Skip to the Loo Potty Chart

Sometimes we grown ups forget how many important steps there are to using the potty. Get to the potty, pull down your pants and undies, get onto the potty, do your business, clean up, pull up your pants and undies, wash your hands — it’s all a great deal of work when you’re right in the middle of playing, which, after all, is your JOB when you are two and three. What I love about this potty training chart from Candlewick is that it acknowledges that there is a lot to learn but that it can be fun. And using the potty is a great accomplishment that is worth celebrating! The illustrations by Anita Jeram help encourage little potty trainees to join the potty party.

Skip to the Loo Potty Chart: click to view full size and print

Skip to the Loo Potty Chart: click to view full size and print

Skip to the Loo Coloring Page

Who doesn’t love to color? Even adults are getting into it these days. In fact, forget the little ones — in the midst of potty training some coloring therapy is probably exactly what you parents need! But seriously, the bonding that can happen between caregiver and child working together on a coloring page is truly magic. It’s a perfect opportunity to have a no-pressure conversation with your preschooler about anything, like the ins and outs of using the potty for instance. Moving from diapers to undies is a big change, and a coloring party with your little one is a wonderful way to let them know you are on the same team.

Skip to the Loo coloring page: click to view full size and print

Skip to the Loo coloring page: click to view full size and print

Skip to My Lou Song Sheet

Skip, skip, skip to my lou! We’ve all sung the chorus and wondered what we were singing about… Now you can learn the words and sing Skip to my LOO as a fun way to start the potty parade.

Skip to My Lou song sheet: click to view full size and print

Skip to My Lou song sheet: click to view full size and print

Happy potty training!

PS. Before you go… Have you seen my loo 5Q (+1!) with Candlewick? You really must.


14 Responses to “Free potty training tips & tools”

  1. Ginger

    I love Sally’s work, and love the idea of this giveaway! My adorable four year old son has autism and potty training is a long, slow marathon. I’m always on the lookout for something to inspire fun for him in the potty process, and less anxiety for all of us!

  2. Angela

    Our biggest hurdle is that my 3 year old loves to control all things so it’s hard to find ways to convince her that she is the one making the decision to use the potty! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Abbie Sprunger

    Just starting to attempt potty training with my 2 year old. So far he’s just scared and I’m too uptight. Grateful to dig into these articles and advice – for both him and for me! And to pass this along to friends in this same boat. Thank you – sure to be another Sally-Lloyd Jones favorite in so many homes.

  4. Kristin

    We laugh and laugh while reading Skip to the Loo. Thanks!! Potty training is tough in convincing a small child that it’s better to go in the potty than in a diaper.

  5. Ashley H

    Our biggest hurdle with potty training is getting him comfortable enough to go in the toilet instead of on the floor.

  6. Melissa Nickerson

    My third child is “practicing” these days. All the steps & hand watching but no results yet. I am trying to follow her lead. I love all of your resources Sally! JSB, thoughts to make your heart sing & The Tiny Bear’s Bible are household favorites! Thank you for your amazing work.

  7. Stacy Rien

    Staying dry during the night and holding it longer when outside (asks to go potty and sometimes doesn’t make it)

  8. Janet Hattem

    My 3 yr old granddaughter was doing great potty training and because she is going back and forth between her parents (every other weekend) she suddenly stopped and continues to go in her pull ups. My daughter (her step mom) is at a loss because Jo Jo doesn’t care or want to go to the potty. So I’d love to share your tools with her! Thank you!

  9. Emily

    I would love to win this! We’re just starting our potty training journey with our second and would love any help we can get!

  10. Nila

    I willbe starting potty training in the next month or two! I think Evie will do ok but just worried more on my end! One bathroom house, it’s upstairs, and I am pregnant with twins. Will be tough but probably better to train now than after the twins arrive!

  11. Elizabeth Brooks

    This seems like an adorable book. I’m still trying to potty train my 3 year old, she just doesn’t seem to want to do it. She knows how… just won’t.

  12. Christi

    We plan to start potty training soon! The biggest hurdle for us is knowing if/when she’s ready to start, and me building up the courage to just try it already when I’ve got a 7-week-old who needs my attention too!


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