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how to help someone who is grieving

Sheryl Sandberg recently shared movingly about what she has learned about motherhood through grief. But how do we help someone who is grieving? We don’t know what to say. So, too often, we say nothing. Or worse, avoid. When my family suffered devastating loss years ago, it was our muslim neighbor who came to our… Read more »

Fly Guy — Simon’s Cat video

It’s Cat Monday! Once again! Oh Hooray! (Back in June, I found this fantastic series of small cat videos that are funny and they will make you laugh. Even on a Monday.) And so, because I’m nice like that, I’ve been posting every single one I can get my hands on. And there are LOADS… Read more »

Instagram of the Week: Three Gates

Some people say this is from Amy Carmichael. Others say is was Sufi. (I grew up being told this by my Welsh grandmother, and I don’t think she was reading Sufi…) But whoever said it first, one thing is clear. It is something we all need to hear. It is something we all need to… Read more »

Instagram of the Week: 30 British Problems

These problems aren’t original to me (they’re included in a new book, The Very British Problems) but I can certainly vouch for their accuracy. Although, living in the USA has started to rub off on me and I find I don’t have all of them anymore… 30 British Problems source: 1. Not quite catching someone’s… Read more »

How To Be A New Yorker

As a New Yorker (trained in unwritten rules and codes of conduct without even realizing it), I do not need NYC BASIC TIPS AND ETIQUETTE. But I wonder. Might you? If you are visiting New York it will come in very handy. And save you from embarrassment. (Indeed, if you master these etiquette tips, you… Read more »