New York Times Bestseller

Being a Pig is Nice: A Child’s Eye-View of Manners

by Sally Lloyd-Jones, illustrated by Dan Krall

When you’re a kid your mom is always telling you make sure you wash your hands, and tidy up after you. But what if you were … a pig?

Being tidy and clean would not be polite at all… It would be Completely Unacceptable Behavior. And what if you were a snail? Or an elephant? Or a monkey?



ETIQUETTE DISCLAIMER Please note: we are in no way responsible for the manners appearing inside this book. Thank you.

Praise for Being a Pig is Nice:

H I L A R I O U S ! … introduces proper etiquette without being preachy… dirty, slow, noisy, messy, goofy kids will love this book….” – Witchita Eagle

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“A Complete Stinker!” A Pig

“What Perfectly Dreadful Nightmarishly Awful Table Manners. Bravo!!” A Monkey

“Superb Pacing!” A Snail

“Krall and Lloyd-Jones’s manners are World Renowned and the envy of the barn over.” Spokespig for The Extra Stinky Times


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