a sweet Father’s Day gift idea…

So I have an idea, and a story, and a coupon for you…just in time for Father’s Day.

Did you know Father’s Day is coming? Did you know fathers love presents? Do you know the best gift for a dad or grand-dad of little ones?

A picture book–which isn’t just a book of course, it’s a chance to hold the one you love in your lap and share a story together.

Just like a picture book, so too Father’s Day is as much day for the children as the grown-ups. It’s an excuse (if we need one) to spend time together. (And, of course, you can be a dad to a child, however they come into your life.)

- Mike reading to his adopted daughter Phoebe... melt my heart -

– Mike reading to his adopted daughter Phoebe… melt my heart –

I read recently in this Brightly article about some of the reasons dads should read to their kids:

You’re not just reading them a story. You’re holding their hand, opening a door, and showing them what the world is like… When we read with our kids, we have the chance to share some small part of ourselves with our children and that’s an opportunity that no dad should miss.”

And I have just the book for you– it’s called Just Because You’re Mine, a story about a baby squirrel showing off to his dad all the things he can do. Trying to guess why his daddy loves him…

This book was inspired by a story I heard.

A little girl ran in a race and won. Her dad was proud of her.

“You were so fast!” he told her. The little girl beamed.

He put his arm around her as they walked to the car. “Honey” he said, “Did I tell you today that I love you?”

“Yes!” she said. And then with great excitement she said, “Daddy, do you love me because I’m so fast?”

Her father’s answer melted my heart. And that’s where this book came from.

I won’t give away the ending but perhaps you can guess what is the real reason for the father’s love… And perhaps hear the whisper of our Father’s love for us in its pages.

And finally, the coupon: The extra really great bit of it is… Just Because You’re Mine is 20% off right now at Barnes & Noble! AND– they have given me a special discount code to share with you: an extra 20% off any one item with code BNDAD20! Plus, get it in time for Father’s Day with free express shipping on all orders! (Offer valid today and tomorrow, June 14+15.)

Happy Father's Day from Sally Lloyd-Jones


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