A Dozen Books for Love Day

We love books of the heart, especially this time of year. To celebrate Love Day, we’ve put together our top dozen love-themed books to share with the ones you love.

How about a picture book instead of a greeting card for Valentine’s Day? Here are a few we love and recommend.

The Runaway Bunny

“If you run away, I will run after you. For you are my little bunny.” I adore this classic meditation on unconditional love— like Psalm 139, “Where can I go?” Buy now.

Love Is

“Love is noisy midnight feedings, shoe box right beside the bed.” So cute! Buy now.

Hug Machine

“No one can resist my unbelievable hugging. I am the hug machine!” This book is hilarious and sweet. Buy now.

Guess How Much I Love You

“I love you all the way up to the moon– and back.” (Lovely illustrations by Anita Jeram who did the pictures for Skip to the Loo!) Buy now.

LOVE from The Very Hungry Caterpillar

“You are the cherry on my cake; you make the sun shine brighter; you make my heart flutter.” Huge fan of everything Eric Carle does! Buy now.

Bird Hugs

“We want hugs!” What makes you different is something to be embraced. Buy now.

Just Because You’re Mine

“Did I tell you today that I love you?” Another heartwarming testament to a parent’s unconditional love. Buy now.


“We want to know you. And be close to you. Please show us how.” Let your little ones know: you are loved. Buy now.

In My Heart

“Sometimes my heart feels like a big yellow star, shiny and bright.” A unique book with fun heart shaped cutouts for helping children understand the feelings in their hearts. Buy now.

The Day It Rained Hearts

“One day it started raining hearts, and Corneila Augusta caught one.” A fun story to spark creativity and generosity before making your own valentines. Buy now.

Extra Yarn

“On a cold afternoon, in a cold little town, where everywhere you looked was either the white of snow or the black of soot from chimneys, Annabelle found a box filled with yarn of every color.” See the world transformed by love in this multiple award-winning picture book. Buy now.

Part of My Heart

“When I first held you, my heart grew.” Such a sweet simple book about love and family. Buy now.


Happy Valentine’s Day!


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