The front door of a book

I learned early on, as a picture book writer, that the illustration is like the front door of the book. If the illustration isn’t right, then no one will even pick up the book (let alone read your text).

Without the illustration, my text would not stand a chance.

So you can imagine how grateful I am for the incredible illustrators I’ve worked with.

And you can also imagine my excitement when I heard that my new texts were going to be illustrated by these two multiple award-winning illustrators:


and JANE DYER Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 12.09.07 PM
Talk about giants of the picture books world.

I love picture books for the same reason I sometimes don’t love them: all the different elements (image, word, design, typography, paper) have to come together to make it succeed.

But when they do come together?


And, as you can see, it all indeed did come beautifully together in both of my brand new picture books just out. (In fact, in one of them, the illustrator even hand-lettered the entire alphabet and the publisher created a unique typeface for THE HOUSE THAT’S YOUR HOME. Wow. How amazing is that?):


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