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A Proper Cup of Tea

As a Brit I thought—out of the goodness of my heart—I would pass along tips on how to make a “proper” cup of tea. (For those who are British and/or already know all this, please excuse.) The reason I love making a cup of tea is that it is a ceremony. It’s all about slowing… Read more »

Running and Writing and Cups of Tea

A few years ago, I was on Fripp, a barrier island in South Carolina. (I was there with great friends on a writing retreat.) I got up early one morning and went running — and happened upon a magical scene… As the mist hung over the marsh, the sun was just rising, a fisherman in… Read more »

Six Golden Tips for Tea

With the start of the new year, we are all turning over new leaves. But are you turning over a new tea leaf? Is your tea flavorless? Insipid? Bitter? Ordinary? Or worse… Cheesy? Here, just in time, come the six golden tips for making the perfect cup of tea. Think you know all about everything… Read more »