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Supplies and Greek

Are we really to have a blog about office supplies, now? No, fortunately we are not. Instead, we are going to have a lovely way to start the week. It’s Monday and, instead of reading my To Do List, I started the morning reading this–a great reminder from Eugene Peterson: that God is the one… Read more »

Careless in his care

“careless in the care of God” That’s a phrase from Eugene Peterson I read this morning. (From his translation of Matthew 6:26 where Jesus is talking about the birds and how they don’t worry about what to eat or what to wear. And how life is about more than that. And anyway look how God… Read more »

Picture Books and Accounting

One December, I found myself looking back over the year wondering, unhelpfully, in a businessy tax-ish counting sort of way: “Now let’s see, what exactly did I do this year?” (I should have known by that “exactly” where this would go). So I began counting up the number of picture book manuscripts I’d done that… Read more »