big splash - the story of gods love for you

At the end of book release day for The Story of God’s Love For You, three happy things to report:

1. We were #1 release for Amazon in the teen category

2. We’ve got lots of pre-orders

3. I even spotted a real life one IN THE WILD today

Story of God's Love For Your

Look! The book! Can you spot it, standing tall, holding its own there on the shelf, in non-fiction?

(At the afore-mentioned bookstore, I might or might not have gone and put every copy I could find face out.)

(I might or might not have also gone up to the customer service agent and asked for it. And then I may even have said, “Hmmm. I think the authors’ name is…” No. Not really. Actually, really. Of course I did. No I didn’t. I wouldn’t do such a thing. Would I?)

What you WILL be glad to know is this: I’m going to stop with all the pre-order frenzy and go back to being a nice restrained author who doesn’t bash people over the head with her books.

Before I go though, seriously, did you order YOUR COPY?

Sorry. I’m stopping now.

(But seriously. Did you?)

No, look I really AM going now. Goodbye.

Off I go.

(Get another copy! Tell your friends! Call your mum!)

OK. Going now. Really.