preparing the ground of our children’s hearts

On my Very Big Adventure where I drove across Canada into the heart of mennonite country, it was so exciting because I had to navigate to a place so remote that even the GPS had never even heard of it. Not the village. Not the road. Of course not the house. After several phone calls to Ann I ended up navigating to a donut shop —when would NOT be a good idea?— and going from there. I was directed by Ann’s husband —The Farmer— by counting telephone polls! (third telephone on the left turn right kind of things…)
It was November and no snow had yet fallen but there was that chill in the air. And the first big snow storm was predicted the following week.
The Farmer had only a week to prepare the ground. Before the winter came. He and his sons got up at 3AM to get out into the fields to maximize the limited time they had.
Everyone everywhere was preparing. Mennonite farmers in their buggies making one of their last trips into town before the winter would make the way impassable. The families bringing in supplies for the long winter ahead.
Getting ready. Preparing the ground.
It got me thinking… How do we get our children ready for life? How do we prepare the ground? How do we help them navigate the storms that will come in their lives?

The only way I know is to tell them the truth.

And so I wrote this piece … {continue reading at A Holy Experience}


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