dance of the trees, song of the stars

IMG_9829 sally lloyd-jones on instagram

There seems to have been a competition in the parks around here lately between trees and lamp posts. Who is shining brighter? The trees are winning. They’ve been glowing here in New York. In fact, the trees also inspired me to write this little piece that was picked up by FoxNews (in case you haven’t seen it) (I’m not excited to be on the news or anything… 🙂 )

IMG_9661 sally lloyd-jones on instagram

{Tree photos via my Instagram.}

Of course, the leaves are rapidly leaving and soon it will be winter– but thankfully that means another season of beauty will be upon us.

AND there is a brand new edition of my Christmas book Song of the Stars available!

Now in edible form

For our tiniest readers

who often prefer to eat books rather than read them…

(from my book How to be a Baby, by Me the Big Sister -- illustration by Sue Heap)

And look– babies are eating it already!

IMG_9868 Song of the Stars by Sally Lloyd-Jones

By the looks of their faces it seems to be delicious!

002 Song of the Stars by Sally Lloyd-Jones

And they’re even reading it, too!

003 Song of the Stars by Sally Lloyd-Jones

You can post photos of your babies eating or reading the book on my Facebook page and I will post comments about how adorable your little children are!

Happy Tuesday!


{Song of the Stars board book by Sally Lloyd-Jones, paintings by Alison Jay}

{How to be a Baby, by Me the Big Sister and Sally Lloyd-Jones and Sue Heap}