A Reflection

I thought giving some context would be helpful to clear up misunderstandings surrounding a tweet that was sent out last week from my social media account.

My social media assistant, who steps in and handles my social media while I am away on extended writing retreats, wrote the tweet which has caused the current confusion. She immediately deleted the tweet, when she realized how she had overstepped and that this was not a discussion I have ever seen my role and calling as having a bearing on.

I believe my calling is to write stories for children—to share God’s joy, and love, and hope with them. I want children to understand that they are loved by God—no matter their race, or creed. To know that God sees them, loves them and values them.

My voice is not to speak to controversial issues. It is a bonus that so many adults have connected with my storytelling but truly it is my privilege that, through my writing, I am able to speak God’s love to children.

With respect,