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Stuck in a rut?

Augustine wrote 15 commentaries on one book (Genesis). Beethoven composed 16 string quartets. Jeremiah spent 23 years saying the same thing (with no one listening). Were they stuck in a rut? Not exactly. Beethoven was fascinated by the quartet form, but was never satisfied with what he had done. He kept going back to do… Read more »

Instagram of the Week: The Thing About Zebras…

The thing about zebras is that they’re very fun to ride. Especially if you’re little, and British, and a girl, and living in Uganda, like me. People don’t expect me to say I was born in Africa of course. Not with this thick British accent of mine. One of my most favorite things to do… Read more »

Maya Angelou reads “Life Doesn’t Frighten Me”

It was so sad to hear that Maya Angelou’s had died last week. Like so many others around the world, I was touched by the words she wrote and spoke. And by the woman she was. And her spirit and sheer joy of life. I discovered this wonderful recording of Angelou reading one of her… Read more »

Jack with Children – Douglas Gresham Interview (Pt. 2)

I love this 8-part interview with C.S. Lewis’ stepson, Douglas Gresham. As you may already know, over the next several weeks I’ll be sharing some brief thoughts on each part of the interview, and I invite you to share your own as well in the comments below. Here’s part two: In part two, Douglas discusses the contrast… Read more »

Teach children that the Bible is not about them

When I’m invited to go and speak to children in church settings, I ask them two questions: 1/How many people here sometimes think you have to be good for God to love you? (They tentatively raise their hands. I raise my hand along with them.) 2/How many people here sometimes think that if you aren’t… Read more »