Celebrate Advent with The Jesus Storybook Bible (including free reading plan)

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“The Bible is most of all a Story… At the center of the Story, there is a baby. Every story in the bible whispers His name.”

Here’s a great idea: an Advent plan using The Jesus Storybook Bible.

There are EXACTLY the right number of stories to lead you up to Christmas day (hmm… almost as if it was planned) (well it was I guess–just not by me!)

There are 21 stories from the Old Testament, each story “whispers his name”–The Young Hero, The Prince, The True King, The Rescuer. And then three stories from the New Testament when finally time is ready and he comes! Stories that lead up to (and surround) the story of the birth of Jesus.

You can lead up to Christmas day with a reading a day! (And if you’re interested, you can have David Suchet read to you–and watch the pictures move too. The whole book is on audio and each has an animated video. More here.)

Here’s the free reading plan to print, updated for 2020.

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Let me know–how do you plan to celebrate advent with your family?



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