2018 Jesus Storybook Bible Lent Guide

Before the beginning of time God had a wonderful plan. He would come down and rescue his children. He would send his Great Rescuer, Jesus. And together they would pull off the greatest Rescue the world has ever known.

But just before Jesus began his Great Rescue operation—where did he go?

To a university to get trained? To important leaders to get their help? To a spa to get some rest?

No. He went out into the desert.

That seems like a bit of an odd place to go. Why did he go there?

“Jesus needed to get away by himself and be somewhere quiet and lonely. He needed to be with his heavenly Father to get ready for his new life.

In the desert, Jesus thought about the Secret Rescue Plan he had made with God. Before the foundation of the world, they both knew what would have to happen. To rescue God’s children, Jesus would have to die. There was no other way. It was the reason he had come.” THE JESUS STORYBOOK BIBLE, p.208

Read on in the 2018 lent guide…

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