New York Times Bestseller

Song of the Stars

A Christmas Story

by Sally Lloyd-Jones, illustrated by Allison Jay

Song of the Stars
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That night, the whole universe is breathless with anticipation… a rumor drifts over the open fields, a song floats over the hills, the faces of little flowers lift to the skies… it’s time! it’s time!

Sheep tell their young while angels sing the song to the shepherds. Together they join in nature’s great chorus of praise to the Newborn King.

The long-awaited child has arrived!

David Suchet

Performed by Emmy Award-Winning Actor

David Suchet, OBE

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The Psalms tell us that the created order now declares the glory of God (Psalm 19 & 65). How fitting, then, to imagine the animals and stars sensing and rejoicing in the coming of Christ the first time. This is a lovely book!” – Dr Timothy Keller

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“Sally Lloyd-Jones captures in this simple story the wonder of Christ’s birth in a way that children can understand… Brightly painted animal illustrations fill the pages of this lovely picture book.” World Magazine

“A subtle, yet satisfying story about the impending arrival of the newborn King… Lloyd Jones’s lyrical language… and repetitive refrains make the text suitable for reading aloud… A charming addition to most collections.” School Library Journal

“blends text and illustration beautifully and the personified world creates a veritable chorus rife with alliteration… Children will be charmed by the image of a dozen snouts of various animals circling Jesus; adults will notice in that circle the hands of Mary offering the gift to the world. Jay’s vivid paintings have a cracked appearance that appropriately adds an old-time feel to this fresh take on the Christmas story.” BookList

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